1133 BUDAPEST, VÁCI ÚT 78/A • Tel/Fax: +36-1-350-1163/64/65 • email: gergelyoffice@gergelyoffice.hu

The main field of Gergely and Partners is the buisness law and the Law Firm is present in Budapest already for more than 20 years.

We are equally representing individuals, small and medium companies, companies with national importance, sole traders, companies with unlimited and limited liability and also stock corporations.

On our reference list there are such partners as: Cell Phone Company, underwear manufacturer, automobile managing company, Franchise Company, pawnbroker, warehouse, and also many financial undertakings.

In order to represent our clients with more and full competence we are cooperating with expert companies, mostly on the field of real-estate development.

For this purpose we founded our Branch Office no. 1, where our team with personal involvement is providing the professionalism and representation needed for cooperation. We are offering full scope of services for our Clients on the field of the property development. Our Law Firm has all the skills to represent and to support the Clients during the sell and purchase process, through the project coordination, until the selling of the property.

For a couple of years now we have a partner Law Firm in Ukraine, which main purpose is to support the Hungarian investors in Ukraine, to help their company foundation and getting out on the market and also the legal representation.

Our basic principal is to solve the legal problems with practicality and Client respect, our goal is to act quickly, effectively and professionally, leaning on the competency of our team.